Oil Painting Wall Art on Canvas Cardboard – Rural Landscape. Rural House on a Field Landscape.


>Handmade item
>Subject: Landscape & scenery
>Orientation: Horizontal
>Framing: Unframed
>Height: 24 Centimetres
>Width: 30 Centimetres
>Materials: oil, canvas cardboard, oil colors, painting on canvas



° HAND-MADE OIL PAINTING on cardboard canvas which depicts an urban landscape. Original and unique hand made painting on canvas.

° Dimensions: 24 x 30 Centimeters.

° Here you are buying directly from the artist workshop.

° The painting is hand-made from lightweight materials: canvas cardboard, oil; the colors and the details are hand-painted by the artist Constantin Conghilete.

° The painting can be offered as a perfect gift to your close friends or loved ones, or it can be applied in various parts of the house, office, ballroom, conference room or any other space which requires a special attention.

° The painting is one of a kind and custom made and 100% hand-made by artist Constantin Conghilete.

° Signed by the artist, a certificate of authenticity to the value is provided:
Each certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who bought the work of art. If you buy this painting as a gift, please provide the name of the receiver of the gift for the certificate. We also ship directly to the person you want to offer the painting like a gift.

° Custom paintings are possible on request.

° Please note :
All rights of reproduction are reserved, in France and overseas. Images are not to be reproduced without permission or used for commercial purposes.
The artist could still sell prints of this painting after the original is sold.

° We thank you and welcome you to visit our shop!


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